WORZ is a complete online shopping system

WORZ provides you with a complete shopping system that will allow you to pre plan your shopping trips, organize your coupons, and keep track of items that you have at home. Because WORZ is an online based system it can easily be accessed from anywhere needed via any browser enabled device like a laptop, work computer, or even a cell phone from within the store. Using the WORZ system you can quickly match possible coupons with your shopping lists or find out what you are running low on. WORZ is an organization system designed to help you be more efficient and to try and help you save money. It does however need a little effort on your side to input the information and keep it up to date. Initially you may find WORZ to be a fair bit of work, but you will quickly see how this gets rewarded by the WORZ system. Imagine being able to click a button and to be shown what you are running low on, what coupons you have that can be used for those items and where you can get more coupons from.

Simple shopping list

This is a basic shopping list calculator that will allow you to enter your shopping items and it will give you an estimated total and allow you to print out the list to take with you. You will also be able to match coupons and use this list to import it into other store specific calculators.

Walmart or Zellers?

This is where this site got it's name. Is it better to shop at Walmart or Zellers? Walmart's coupon policy allows you to get overage from your coupons. This is where you have a coupon for more than the item price, Walmart will give you the full face value of the coupon. Zellers does not do this with coupons, but with a SPC card you can get a 10% discount off your bill. So depending on which coupons you have, you may be better off shopping at Walmart rather than at Zellers.

How many Optimum points?

Here you can quickly organize your shopping for Shoppers Drug Mart and it will tell you how many points you will get back. This is especially important when there is a 20X event or when certain items have point multipliers on them.

Stock it up!

Stocking up on items when they are cheaper, or when you have coupons for them, is the best way to cut down your weekly shopping bill. Buying when the items are cheaper saves you money when you would have normally bought things when they are full price. Although you are paying for the items now, it saves you money later when the items are more expensive. Knowing exactly which pizzas you have at the bottom of the freezer is not so easy, but keeping stock of your items will show you quickly how many bottles of shampoo you have, and even if you need to take advantage of the soup special this week.

So many coupons!

Collecting coupons from the stores and online is all well and good, but when you have boxes and boxes of them it can be hard to know what you have and when it expires. The WORZ coupon tracker will help you track your coupons to know what you have, and it can also tell you where to get more if you need them.